Small Steps, Big Results

I’m 17 I wrote down a phrase that is stuck with me is very day. The phrase was a small step everyday can allow anyone to achieve anything. I’ve honestly feel my life on the statement.

whenever we look at a task I can seem so in that we forget to get started. We get scared of failing gets scared of the size of the task we get overwhelmed by how daunting it seems. However most of the time we actually get started find it’s easier than we expected it’s faster than we expected and it’s less scary than we expected.

The key to achieving any goal is to get started regardless if you’re doing it wrong regardless if it’s an inefficient strategy even through failure you’ll learn a lot and getting started is always the key. One way to make a large task look smaller is by chunking I did not invent this concept by any means but I’ve learned over the years and it’s been extremely effective. Chunking is the concept of taking a large goal and breaking it down into smaller parts. For example I listen to a speaker talk about his ability to run a marathon in the Antarctic Circle. Its name was an Arctic Mike and he gave her amazing speech about setting goals and achieving them To a CEO coaching group I was part of. He talked about how daunting it seemed to be able to run a full marathon in -20 degree weather as North as you could possibly go. So at first it was tough for him to even get started and then he started realizing if you broke it down into smaller chunks it would seem more manageable. You needed a place to train but he lives in California so a friend of his allowing him to rent an ice freezer which would serve as his training facility. The problem was this was nowhere near the 26.2 miles in length that he will need to train so what did he do.  You decided to measure out the length of the warehouse and figure out how many times it would take to go back and forth to go 1 mile. From there all you have to do is multiply that by 26.2 And that would be the entire length of the marathon. So he’s figured out but a certain number of back-and-forth it escapes me now let’s call it 25 back and forth was 1 mile. from this perspective it still seems like a huge nearly insurmountable gold going back and forth 25 times for 1 mile I have to do that 26 times So he broke it down even further. He decided he would use the first five but he would call a warm up then he would only have to do 3 sets of 5 and then the last set of 5 would be the cool down. this further the end of Chunk his goals into smaller and smaller pieces until they seemed extremely possible. We started out with one mile one Kwikset 5 back and forths, Followed by three sets of the core followed by one set of cool down. and 1 mile was complete. I’m here though you had a break into a larger show if he was to get this goal done so we decided he break this into a larger shocks are you say okay I’m going to call that one set which was the one mile from their winter break that into a number of parts. Curtis coca sing running 5 miles which you knew the five of these sets he created for himself. It worked out perfectly because he turned into chunks the first one would be at warm up an entire mile 2nd to 4th one would be the core and then the last one would be a cool down.

Now with the new truck in concept, you be able to get 5 miles completed and I’m easy to do fashion.

He continued this until he not trained enough to go on the journey and spoiler alert he of course accomplish this goal and ran the entire Marathon above the Arctic Circle. You said if it wasn’t for this concept of chunking goal would have seemed too big and too challenging ever attempt.

I’m not saying your goal is to Is to run a marathon of the Arctic Circle but an eagle seem really scary and challenging to begin so write down your goal right now and then begin to break it into manageable chunks if you need to break it down further after you’ve created chunks break it down further and work backwards.

Glycemic strategy will allow you to make large leaps over time and focus on what’s needs to be done in a little dividual steps to achieve the goal.